We were a very private family living in northern CA. That was untill CA passed prop 8. We have started making these videos to show that there are gay familys living in CA that value marriage and family. We hope these will destroy some of the negative stereotypes about gay families


Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs = H8?

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A Sweet Little Girl Reads A Sweet Story About How Her 2 Dads Met And Created A Family

Here’s a nice children’s book about a regular old family. It’s a great story for all kids, and it’s also an option for parents who want to talk to their children about same-sex couples/families but aren’t sure where to begin.


Every year we have a Big Gay Vacation where we get together for a week…This year we thought we tag the members with the fifty question TMI tag and allow them to all to get a chance to learn more about the people coming on the trip. “We Forgot The Kids”

So Logan asked his dad’s if he could make a video and his pops came up with a fifteen question tag for the kids:

.Logans Video:

under 18 you are officially tagged:

1.How old are you?
2.What grade are you in?
3.What is your favorite subject in school?
4.What is your favorite video game?
5.What is your Favorite Book?
6.What is your favorite TV show?
7.What is your favorite Movie?
8.Who is your favorite Pokemon
9.Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
10.Who is your favorite Super Hero?
11.What is your favorite animal?
12.What is your favorite song?
13.Who is your singer?
14.What’s your favorite Holiday?
15.What is your favorite thing to do?

Take a look at some of the YouTubers coming on this year’s BIG GAY VACATION


Logan’s Dad’s




Scott & Roque


Will & Tye



Get a copy of our new kids books “Adopting Our Two Dad’s


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Selena made me a very proud dad tonight so I thought I would share with our YouTube family her amazing poem.

Daniel’s A Survivor

Heart skipped a beat
The unbearable horror of parent’s cruel decisions
Loss of time with first family
Visions, memories of what could have been a family
Once a mother
So many heart breaks
So many chances out the door
Love for his family gone
His heart shattered like the glass he got blamed for breaking
When will the horror end

Out of the darkness
Shadows fade away behind Daniel
Memories and flashbacks coming to an end
A family is joy to Daniel
Butterflies instead of bats
Sunshine glows in his heart
In love with his new family
What could have been a mother
Transformed into two fathers
Not everything revolves around faith
Because following Daniel through his journey
Was a small black fluffy dog
It was family before anything
Because love is what makes a family a family

Gay Family Values
PO BOX 14926
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